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Hologic Education Office Portal is a Hologic initiative to help OBGYNs navigate the changing landscape of women’s healthcare and move the right procedures out of the OR. Reimbursement is shifting. Technology is improving. And patients are demanding a better healthcare experience.

Our mission is to help you successfully navigate this change.

“We have to wake up to reality that the services are moving forward and office-based procedures are going to become normal. In ten years' time, I do not believe anybody’s going to be doing routine hysteroscopies in the OR.” —John Thiel, MD, Canada

In-Office Procedures

Navigating the challenges and providing solutions

Transforming a practice may seem daunting to some, but we believe it’s absolutely possible. Hologic Education Office Portal provides insights and tools to guide you toward your goals.


Hologic Education Office Portal Articles collect the latest healthcare community perspectives on the changing landscape of obstetrics and gynecology. Whether it’s trends in reimbursements, a practice case study, or an informative clinical debate—if it relates to in-office procedures, you’ll find it here.


Hologic Education Office Portal Resources provide a growing library of valuable tools and information your practice can leverage to help you enhance your technology, optimize your physical office space, and train your staff so you can increase your in-office case value.

Our goal is to prepare all OBGYN practices for the future so women everywhere can receive the best care. It all starts with Hologic Education Office Portal.

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